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Vitamins and minerals are micronutrient which used by our body for some metabolic processes and carrying out normal function. Everyday our body requires at least 30 vitamins, minerals and dietary components. However, they are not produced in our body naturally and must be derived from outside. 

People who older, vegan, pregnant, smoker, with absorption problem, can’t maintain a healthy and balance diet etc. can't get enough nutrients from food. At this point, vitamins and minerals supplements help us for our overall well-being. 


Benefits of vitamins & minerals:

  • Providing the essential nutrients,

  • Healing, repairing and maintaining body cell,

  • Promoting healthy aging, skin and hair,

  • Contributing to have a healthy cardiovascular system,

  • Supporting immune system and healthy metabolism,

  • Keeping bones strong,

  • Promoting better mental health,

  • Reducing anxiety and stress.


Nourish your body with our vitamins and minerals! 


Sachet Vitamin

Your daily essential nutrients are in a sachet! If you have a busy daily plan or difficulty swallowing pills, take your sachet wherever you go and mix it with your drink.

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Efervescent Tablet Vitamin

Effervescent vitamin tablets are easily absorbed and thanks to their solution form, they have high bioavailability. Dissolve in water and enjoy the delicious taste.


Liquid Vitamin

The consumption of liquid vitamins is easily digestible and well tolerated. You can take optimum benefit from one drop and thanks to bottle form you can use them on the go. 

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